From Text to Table

It was Ted Talk Thursday, (seriously, that might need to be a thing in my life) and I stumbled across a talk titled, “Why Moms Are Miserable.” Obviously, I clicked it. I was half expecting her to say something sarcastic, like you’d find on Scary Mommy or that book Toddlers Are Assholes. Or something basic like drink more water, do more yoga, eat more organic.

What she said was not sarcastic, and although somewhat basic, it definitely wasn’t earth shattering.

Still, it hit me.

She talked about her friends, her loving and supportive husband, her booked calendar full of dinners and parties. Lady was busy, and seemed to have good relationships.

Only she didn’t.

She had become disconnected from the people in her life without even realizing it. She had gotten so busy with the activities of life, that she had dwindled her relationships down to text and social media interactions.
And she’s not the only one. No matter how much we wish it could, true connection can’t be measured by the number of interactions we have online. In our microwave, efficiency obsessed culture, it would be easy to check relationship off the list with a simple text or comment on Insta.

Don’t get me wrong, social media and texting can be great tools for connection. But they don’t allow for the tangible, look you in the eyes, meaningful friendship we long for. If our only connections are online, we will be left wanting.

So, what do we do? Life is busy and online is easy!

Sheryl Ziegler’s fix?

“Even when I’m tired and I don’t want to go out, I still meet that friend out and we share our stories. Because collective stories create community. I won’t let busy build walls that keep me apart from other people.”

Beautiful. Yes. This.

I’ve felt called to go first in sharing my stories and my hope would be that you read them and don’t feel so alone in yours. BUT, I don’t want you to just read my stories. I want you to feel empowered to share yours with the people in your life too.Deep, meaningful relationships are not going to fall into our laps. They take intentionality, sacrifice, WORK.

You guys, this is worth investing in! It’s worth being vulnerable for! It’s worth the risk! Not only for ourselves, but for the people in our lives we care about. Taking the time to invest in the people around us, to look them in the eyes and hear their stories, to open ourselves up and share our stories, it satisfies a desire deep within us. A God-given need for human interaction and connection. A desire a text message could never fulfill in a million years.