When God is Good, But This is Not

You are good. Words simple, yet so profound they unearth emotions within me I didn’t expect. A worship experience so full it envelopes all that I am.
It moves me in a way that every idol fighting for my heart pales in comparison to the pursuit of this good father. In the face of evil, brokenness, disaster, you stand good, unshaken by circumstances, your promises intact.

It’s rattling to my core- pulling the strings that hold my heart until loosely I start to crumble.

Yet, somehow, I don’t.

It feels like the weight of this world will crush me. But against all odds, I stand. Strong.

Your goodness, a loom reworking the pieces that have come undone. Your words of truth- You will never leave, You are Lord over it all, You will crush satan and dissolve curse- alter the fabric of my inner being and weave me into your story.

You move and life is breathed into the darkness of my “not good”, uncovering beauty and pointing me to power that overcomes what seeks to tear me apart.

With you, even the depths are bound with hope. Deserved and undeserved grievances met with forever unmeasurable compassion, grace, and hope that you are making all things new.